In 2014, Andrew began playing the baroque viola and studied with Cynthia Roberts at the Juilliard School. Andrew has since then performed renowned artists such as Monica Huggett, Tanya Tompkins, Eric Zivian, and Eric Hoeprich, and many others in a baroque and classical ensemble in New York called Quodlibet and have had a chance to work with a lot of musicians who have come through Juilliard 415 and Yale Baroque programs. Andrew recently performed at American Bach Soloists and Valley of the Moon Music Festival where he studied with both Robert Mealy and Elizabeth Blumenstock. 

  In the summer of 2018, Andrew began playing the Viola da Spalla, a five stringed piccolo cello held on the shoulder. Andrew looks forward to performing Bach's sixth suite at Barge music in September. 

    Andrew's Viola da Spalla is a 2018 Don Rickert modeled after the 1732 Hoffman made for Johann Sebastian Bach.



Andrew Gonzalez performs the Gavottes I and II from Bach's Cello Suite no. 6 in D, BWV 1012, on a "violoncello da spalla, " which there is evidence to suggest may have been written for this instrument by Bach himself.

Schumann string quartet no. 3 at 28:50